A downloadable game for Windows

Drimsleys are small creatures born in a factory. They don't know what their purpose is, but they know that they have a job to do

Help Drimsley escape the factory and work around the factory's traps and locks!

A puzzle game with no language. Can be enjoyed in any language!

Install instructions

Unzip and enjoy!


Drimsley.zip 26 MB


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Hey, I'm trying to install the file and I keep getting an error message "no compatible uploads were found for this title", do you know any way around that? :< I have a mac but it didn't specify which operating systems it was for so I assumed it would work with whichever, haha. 

Hey Krill. Thanks for supporting me but I'm afraid this is PC exclusive for now (I've only added that to the page. Sorry!) I have emailed support about refunding you. Worst case scenario you can play it next time you're over. Ha ha.